Lush Harajuku Exclusives

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The Lush Harajuku store was opened in Japan on 22nd November, 2018. It’s a concept store where only bath bombs are sold and the majority are exclusive to this store – either brand new creations or retro returns from the Lush Kitchen.

UPDATE: These Harajuku exclusives are being released in the UK and the US on March 29th 2019. All will be available online and stores will have some or all of the range dependent on the size of their store and space they have.
It is said that they will all be available at the Lush Liverpool Spa opening on March 15th 2019.

Ammonite – exclusive to Harajuku, Japan only.

Part of the Sultana of Soap scent family – bergamot, olibanum

Black Rose
Part of the Rose Jam scent family.

Blue Gardenia Salt Cube

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds
Part of the the Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds scent family.
Patchouli, frankincense and cinnamon.

Bom Perignon
Grapefruit and tangerine.

Part of the Calacas/Day of the Dead scent family.

Smells mint chocolate ice cream – creamy cocoa butter, spearmint and almond oil.

The Comforter
Part of the comforter scent family – bergamot, cassis and cypress.

Deep Sleep
Lavender, chamomile and neroli.


Fairy Jasmine
Part of the Silky Underwear scent family – a combination of jasmine, ylang ylang and vetivert.

Fairy Trumpets
Chamomile, orange flower, rosewood and gardenia.

Figaro Figaro
Contains a whole range of main ingredients: aniseed, chamomile blue, eucalyptus, fennel, lavender, Brazilian orange, peppermint, sage and thyme.

Flower Power
Lime, rosewood and rose oils. Packed full of flowers like honeysuckle, meadowsweet and sunflower petals.

Fruity Giant Bombshell
Sicilian lemon, cassia and bergamot.

Lavender and bergamot. Smells similar to Peachy bath bomb.

Geo Phyzz
Oakmoss, seaweed and cypress. Same scent as Baby and Mama Turtle jelly bombs.

Ginger Ninja
Part of the Ginger scent family – ginger, mimosa, sicilian red mandarin, sandalwood, geranium and bergamot.

Golden Pear
Cardomom, sandalwood and brazilian orange. Smells spicy, fruity and sweet. Has an almost bubblegum like aftersmell.

Gold Rush
Part of the whoosh scent family – grapefruit, rosemary, geranium.


Groovy Kind of Love
Rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oils create a scent similar to Never Mind the Ballistics and other peachy type products from Lush.

Brazilian orange, benzoin resinoid and vanilla. Smells like a sweet bubblegum with a hint of cinnamon.

Hi Ho Silver
Lime, olibanum, brazilian orange oils. Reminiscent of grape soda?!

Honey I Washed The Kids
Brazilian orange and bergamot. Part of the HIWTK scent family.

Tangerine, cypress, davana, and elemi oils.

Oakmoss, lemon, cucumber and coconut. A new fresh scent.

Karma Yantra
Part of the Karma scent family – patchouli, and orange.

Cedarwood, red mandarin and patchouli.

Lavender Giant Bombshell
Rose, chamomile, tea tree and lavender.

Lucky Cat
Part of the ghost scent family – jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang.

Marjoram, rose, basil and peppermint.

The same scent as Christmas Sweater bath bomb – ginger, mustard, cinnamon and peppermint.

Marshmallow World
Part of the American Cream scent family – vanilla, clary sage and lavender.


Part of the avocado co wash scent family – bergamot, litsea cubeba oil and gardenia.

Moon Spell
Just simply Brazilian orange.

Ne Worry Pas
Bergamot, jasmine and cedarwood.


The Olive Branch
Part of the The Olive Branch scent family – bergamot, lemon, orange flower and red mandarin.

Rosewood, litsea cubeba and sandalwood.

Pirates of the Carrageenan
Part of the Supertramp scent family – patchouli, petitgrain, pimento berry, sandalwood and ginger.

Jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla. Shares the same scent as the now discontinued Million Dollar moisturiser.


Rose Clay Salt Cube
Safflower Salt Cube

Sea Salt Giant Bombshell
Smells similar to Big Blue bath bomb – Lavender, olibanum and myrrh.

Seaweed Giant Bombshell
Part of the Big scent family – neroli, red mandarin, orange flower and vanilla.


Shijimi Butterfly
Smells similiar to french kiss/dream cream scent – Chamomile and lavender.


So White
Part of the So White/Santa’s Belly scent family – bergamot, brazilian orange, rose, orange flower, neroli.


Lime, neroli, elemi and tonka.

Star Spell
Part of the Carrot/Snowman scent family – Bergamot, buchu and sicilian lemon.


Strawberries & Cream
Part of the Yummy Mummy scent family – Olibanum, bergamot, geranium, black pepper and strawberry.

Brazilian orange and sicilian red mandarin.


Tadaima Okaeri
Sandalwood, tonka and vanilla.


Tea & Sympathy
Chamomile blue, olibanum and clary sage.

Tender is the Night
Part of the tender is the night scent family – jasmine, ylang ylang and vanilla.


Turmeric Latte
Same scent as Washaccino Showder – Gardenia, tonka, benzoin resinoid, vanilla and turmeric.

Yog Nog
Part of the yog nog scent family – clove bud and ylang ylang.


Part of the sea salted caramel scent family – ylang ylang, clove leaf, tonka, brazilian vetivert and vanilla.


Youki Hi
Part of the Flying Fox/Lust scent family – Jasmine, ylang ylang, cypress, palmarosa and gardenia.


Yuzu & Cocoa
Part of the Yuzu & Cocoa scent family – Bergamot, grapefruit, tonka and cocoa.

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